VERDEN STUDIOS‘ journey began with the mission to create our dream bag that would accompany us as our loyal companion throughout our daily and global travels. Designed to fit your laptop and tablet, connect to your suitcase and fully close its structured interior, we've created a bag that provides elegance, security and convenience... without compromise.

At VERDEN STUDIOS, we believe that function and design can live as one and in that belief, we have redefined the status quo of what it means to live fashionably and work efficiently.


„VERDEN“ means „the world“ in Danish. By marrying the sleek functionality of Danish design with the beauty of our world, VERDEN STUDIOS was born.

We are passionate travelers and global citizens. We are inspired by natures's colors, forms, materials and textures. At VERDEN STUDIOS, we are believers in accessible travel and continuous discovery in both our work and our personal lives.


With our mission in mind, we went straight to the country where craftsmen have perfected the art of handmade bags for hundreds of years – Italy.

We visited dozens of factories until we found the one that shared our vision. Nestled in a beautiful region outside of Naples - only a stone's throw away from the picturesque Capri and the Amalfi coast - this small family-run workshop has been creating luxury bags for three decades.

In partnership with their sourcing and expertise in craftsmanship, we have created a line of products made from the finest calf-skin. All Verden Studios products are handmade with the greatest attention to detail and designed to accompany you wherever your travels may take you.


Treating the people, animals and nature of our world with respect is our highest priority. We believe that less should be more and have created exclusive and long lasting products with timeless style produced under fair working conditions.

All our products are handmade using only the highest quality materials including our Italian leathers sourced exclusively from the food industry that meet the strict EU environmental quality standards.